Shri. Raj Nehru

Message from the Vice Chancellor

I take pride as the Founding Vice-Chancellor in introducing you to India’s very first Skill University that is Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University.

While India has some of the very best academic institutions in the world, skilling has remained an unchartered territory for last few centuries. However, ancient manuscript have references of Skilling being one of our civilization’s strengths with Universities like Takshila and Nalanda being the epitome of vocational & skill education of ancient era.

There is a vital need to revive this great legacy of ours, as India leaps into the cusp of its growth with more than 54% of its total population below 25 years of age. Thus, making us one of the youngest nations of the world. Also, the next 20 years will see India’s labour force increase by 32% while rest of the world sees a decline by 4%.Read More


about us

The Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University has been enacted by the legislature of the state of Haryana with an objective to establish a Skill University in order to facilitate and promote skill, entrepreneurship development, skill based education and research in the emerging areas of manufacturing, textile, design, logistics and transportation, automation, maintenance, etc. and to raise skill level in various fields related to these areas.


To become an internationally recognized skilling Institution that enhances student employability and earning ability
by producing job ready resources.


  • To emerge as one of the foremost Institution of quality in skill education recognized by Industry, Nationally and Internationally
  • To develop qualified youth with skill proficiency and competency at different levels as per National / State qualifications of skill education
  • To promote skill education in an integrated and holistic manner with high education to ensure pathways for progression and mobility
  • To provide opportunities for flexible learning systems and skill development


  • Understand, assess and align aspirations of the students with the skilling framework to help build their careers
  • Define and provide the skilling framework that facilitates to acquire required knowledge and competency in the chosen pathways
  • Provide skills that enable people to become job ready and pursue their career aspirations through various career opportunities.
  • Provide the skilling framework that keeps people aligned to current and future skill requirements of the market.


  • Engage and partner with organizations, partner and asses their current and future needs
  • Create skilling frameworks that are aligned to high priority needs of the organization and develop people for these requirements
  • Invest in the skills and pedagogy that makes people employable and productive for the organization
  • Partner with industries in creating integrated work study model that makes skilled people aligned to unique business requirement
  • Develop and facilitate skilling and re-skilling solutions
  • Recognize best practices and success stories
  • R&D center supporting industrial innovation, exchange national and international best practices.


  • The structured skill development model will contribute to improve the performance of the people and organizations which will result in the increase of employment and development of the society
  • Will facilitate the entrepreneur culture resulting in leveraging collective thinking of people for the larger benefit of the society
  • Facilitate and achieve the national and state objectives around skill development as envisaged
  • R&D center supporting industrial innovation, exchange national and international best practices.