About the Program

Newer materials with unique set of optical, electrical and mechanical characteristics, hitherto unknown to mankind are being developed in the world.  Polymers in general and plastics in particular form one such group of materials, with unique thermal, electrical and optical properties, which find varied applications ranging from space to underwater; pen to missile; storage tankers to flow pipes/tubes; wire-sheaths to cable-sleeves; etc. Plastics are literally omnipresent in their various avatars in all modern manufacturing/ application industry; contributing significantly in meeting the challenges posed by 4th industrial revolution, “Industry 4.0”. The state-of-the-art 3-D printing aggregate technologies and holography facilitate complex mould design and mould manufacturing – an important discipline of plastic technology. About 335 million MT plastic is produced worldwide; with Indian contribution of about 19 million MT during 2016-17.

The program in the field of plastics processing shall be facilitated by the use of immersive technologies of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Advance Diploma in Plastic Technology is a NSQF Level 6 program based on Dual Education System by HVSU in collaboration with Trim India. The program will enable students to plan and realize complex, innovative plastic manufacturing processes and the production of desired products in the most optimal manner.

The course introduces learners to the basics as well as advanced aspects of a plastic processing plant with its diverse functions including programming, maintenance, quality and inspection for manufacturing. The focus of program is to prepare students to get familiar with the plastics technology and advances being made in mould manufacturing and processing technology.

About the Company

Trim India was promoted by Mr. Rakesh Sood in 1995, for manufacturing door trims for Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL). It has two manufacturing plants in Gurugram and new units are being set up in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. Trim India, Aitech and Toyota Tsusho, Japan, are in a technical collaboration for producing blow moulded, NVH, moulded door trims and rear parcel shelf. The company is supplying door trims, carpet luggage floor, plastic and sheet metal components, to MSIL, Mahindra & Mahindra and Suzuki Motorcycle – India.


The classroom and On-The-Job-training of the course will be held in Trim India Pvt. Ltd. Dhorka Village, Pataudi Road, Gurugram.

Student Intake: 20

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