About the Program

Wires and Cables constitute the most critical part of Electrical, Electronic and Electro-Mechanical applications in all the core and allied industries, with an Indian cable /wire market being projected as INR 40,000 Crores in next 5 years and pegged to grow @ 7-8% per year.

No device/application comprising of Electrical Applications can be conceived without wires/cables. Newer technologies are continuously evolving for designing tools & jigs, newer processes and applications for wire harnessing and cable manufacturing, and their use in various industries/instruments/devices/applications.

The cable and wire manufacturing is getting impetus by integration of   Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Internet of Things (IOT), and 3D printing aggregate technologies to make processes cost effective and highly efficient, ushering in 4th industrial revolution   known as “Industry 4.0”.

The latest emerging technologies of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will facilitate the skilling in the field of Industrial Electronics at SVSU. The current course, NSQF Level-5 Diploma of Vocation (Industrial Electronics) in Dual Vocational Education System is offered in association with East West Automation Technology Pvt. Ltd. enables students to realise complexity of processes handled at cable/wire manufacturing and its importance and applications and quality control.

The program will prepare students to access, analyse, manage, and present data to an organization’s decision making. The focus of this program is to prepare students to get familiar with the environment of electronics process which are essential for manufacturing the different kinds of wire and cable harnesses as per the industry needs. The program will also include Communication & Life Skills, Introduction to Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Basic & Advanced Wire Harnessing, Environment Science, Statistical Process Model, Quality Management, Basics of Computer, Spreadsheet Modelling, Industrial Marketing, etc.

The scope of Industrial Electronics ranges from the design and maintenance of simple electrical fuses to complicated programmable logic controllers (PLCs), solid-state devices and motor drives. Industrial Electronics can handle the automation of all types of modern day electrical and mechanical industrial processes. Some of the special equipment used in industrial Electronics includes Variable Frequency Converter and Inverter Drives, Human Machine Interfaces, Hydraulic Positioners and Computer or Microprocessor Controlled Robotics.

About the Company

East West Automation is an ISO 9001, TS-16942 & UL approved company which was established in 1994. The company is a well-established manufacturer and exporter of wiring harness for a wide range of products like automotive harness, telecom harness, CNG harness, white goods harness, UPS inverter harness etc. and entire range of Molex housings, terminals, connectors and headers. East West strives to become the preferred supplier in its product segment. It has its manufacturing facilities at Gurugram and Bahadurgarh.

The company has a complete know how to provide solutions to its customers in integrated wiring harness for designing,  developing and manufacturing from first principles concept to supply of customized products to its customers.


The classroom and On-The-Job-Training of the course will be held in East West Automation Tech Pvt. Ltd. 165, MIE, Part A, Bahadurgarh, Haryana

Student Intake: 20

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