About the Program

The world is leaping towards total automation in all aspects of human life.  All services/ utilities/ products/ processes are exponentially getting automatic, self-driven and on auto pilot systems. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analysis and Internet of Things (IOT) are making machines/systems to be intelligent, creative, cost effective and highly efficient, leading the industry to the 4th industrial revolution, known as “Industry 4.0”.

Mechatronics is a synergized combination of precision, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic /Computers, Control and Automatic systems for the design of products and manufacturing processes. 

B.Voc. Program in Automotive Mechatronics, designed for the NSQF Level -7 is conceived on Dual Educational  System, where HVSU  provides subjects teaching and skills are learnt by students as “On-Job-Training (OJT)” at  the shop floor of our industry partner Hero MotoCorp, under credit system.

The course curriculum is an integration of Mechanical, Electronics, Control theory, and Computer Science, as applied to product design and manufacturing. 

It ensures optimization of various process functionalities and productivity enhancement.


Student Intake: 30

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