Shri Vishwakarma Skill University (SVSU), the first vocational university in India has pioneered the movement to reshape vocational education with its industry-integrated dual-education programmes. It has placed Haryana as the frontrunner with respect to innovation and foresight for transforming the skill landscape both in the State and the Country. With the industry-integrated vocational education model, SVSU is driving industry participation as a determining factor in transforming vocational education, thus enabling the youth to keep pace with the changing scenario.   

          Skilling youth is not just a mission, but a paradigm shift in their social behavior. It is an important dialogue that SVSU takes forward the message of making Skill aspirational. As more and more people become employable and earn better livelihood, University’s clarion callसीखो और कमाओअपनी पहचान बनाओ now resounds in every direction.  

            The University has a highly dedicated team that has worked hard with full commitment to meet the vision of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Shri Raj Nehru to establish a skill university of distinct. These efforts to make a place for ourselves in the skill landscape of the country has been appreciated from all quarters. From two courses in first academic year to ten in the second academic year is a testimony of our perseverance. Skill training is like a long-term commitment. Hence, it is imperative that we continue to work with same dynamism to realize the Vision and Mission of the University in letter and spirit.

           It is my proud privilege to be associated with SVSU and be part of its journey to realize its mission of skilling the youth of Haryana.

Dr Ritu Bajaj