“If we have to promote the development of our country then our mission has to be Skill Development and Skilled India”
– Shri Narendra Modi, Honourable Prime Minister of India

I take pride as the Founding Vice-Chancellor in introducing you to India’s very first Skill University that is Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University.

While India has some of the very best academic institutions in the world, skilling has remained an unchartered territory for last few centuries. However, ancient manuscript have references of Skilling being one of our civilization’s strengths with Universities like Takshila and Nalanda being the epitome of vocational & skill education of ancient era.

There is a vital need to revive this great legacy of ours, as India leaps into the cusp of its growth with more than 54% of its total population below 25 years of age. Thus, making us one of the youngest nations of the world. Also, the next 20 years will see India’s labour force increase by 32% while rest of the world sees a decline by 4%.
This demographic dividend needs to be leveraged to fuel the progress and development of world’s fastest growing economy. This can be done by empowering the youth with right skills, knowledge and thrust on entrepreneurship.

The Government of Haryana understanding the emphasis of the Government of India towards skill and entrepreneurship development, launched India’s first Skill University in 2016. The University shall be set up at Dudhola village in Palwal district.

This University will focus on meeting the skill demands of the region in the current and emerging areas of manufacturing, textile, transportation, automobile, IT, healthcare, construction, banking and finance, marketing and hospitality, etc.
The University shall embrace the National Skill Qualification Framework with industry aligned work study models. Experiential learning will be enabled through Flexible entry-exits, credit accumulation & transferability and blended learning methodologies of simulation & gamification. This skill model will be integrated with specific demands and critical jobs roles of the industry to design holistic skilling programmes.

Focus on Entrepreneurship and Skills of Tomorrow will also form an important prerogative of the University. These will be complimented with Re-skilling, Up-skilling and Research & development programs to facilitate continuous learning for horizontal and vertical growth of the aspirants and the organizations.

Thus, University aims to address the complete value chain of skill education with multipronged approach of:

  • Feeder Schools at Secondary Education level
  • Finishing Schools for Graduating and Post Graduating students
  • Industry aligned work study program promoting earn while learn model
  • Incubation Centres for Entrepreneurship and Skills of Tomorrow; and
  • Continuous Learning Programmes

To facilitate this approach, The University is partnering with Industry, State & Central departments, Government organisations, National and International pioneers in Vocational & Skill Education.
This collaborative model will create sustainable, job ready skill pipeline of plug and play human resources for critical and high demand job roles in the industries and institutions. Thus, leading to a win-win for both aspirants and the industry through a world class, industry aligned, innovative skill model.

This feat can only be achieved with active participation and integration of all the stake holders.

I invite Industry, Institutions of Excellence and Subject Matter Experts to collaborate with the university in bringing vocational and skill education to mainstream and Indian skilled workforce at the forefront of the world skill stage. I also welcome Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, and Entrepreneurship Enthusiasts to work together with the University in giving wings to budding entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas. I also urge industry professionals to come and volunteer by teaching, training and gifting the empowering skills to the aspiring youth.

Let us all join hands to enable and empower the vision of Skilled Haryana, Skilled India and make Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University one of the premier Skill Institutions of the world!

I welcome your suggestions, inputs or ideas at